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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I was watching the extended theme of Geordie Racer on Youtube just a moment ago: 

"Gosh, Geordies love pigeons" I thought to myself, "but how do real Geordies express their love for pigeon fancying?"

Well, if you peruse the website of the North East Homing Union (the main Geordie pigeon fancying club), you find out pretty quickly. 

There is a whole world of pigeon graphic design that all look a bit like nightclub flyers (Top Nice *ahem*).

When I've got a bit more time on my hands I'll try to get a bit more info off pigeonland:

​Finally, and possibly most interestingly, when pigeons are released en masse for a big race​, it is called a 'liberation'. You can stream liberations live as they happen on some websites. Here's a rather controversial liberation:

The shutter of the truck is released very slowly, meaning that pigeons on the top rows are liberated much slower than those on the bottom. This causes a shitstorm in the comments section.

Perhaps best of the lot however, is a 7 years old comment from Ballgreen:

Friday, 26 December 2014


Balconi Mixmax is a quite nice, completely innocuous, Italian prepackaged cake that tastes a bit like a chocolatey madeline sponge thing:

Here is an infuriating review:

Stop cutting the Mixmax in the most annoying and inefficient way ever
Try to at least describe the the item you are unexplainably unwrapping multiple times
Don't leave a pile of wasted packaging and uneaten cake in the background
Don't suddenly decide to change languages half way through
Don't summarise the review if you haven't reviewed anything

However, here is a brilliant review: