Thursday, 24 September 2009


"Up in Doncaster for a party at The Priory. There's a wedding goin on in the hotel & they just asked me to jump on the decks - might as well."

"Up in Glasgow for Club Vertigo - saw Brandon Block on the plane. Raided his hard drive of Classic House. Now taking Dave Pearce's bookings"

"Aint gonna front - but I can make better porridge than this hotel. The chef should try using milk next time. Weak start to the day."

"On a small 20 seat plane to Aberdeen full of oil rig workers & a couple of women who look like they do off shore services."

"Plane's got propellers - its goin take hours. Its so small had to put my mac in the hold as there's little overhead storage."

"Tonite Aberdeen Uni freshers party at Tiger Tiger. I'm goin in hard like the go in go hard brother that I am. Its goin to a sunset song"

"Went down to breakfast late & the chief had just thrown out the porridge! In Aberdeen & can't get no porridge! A devastating start to my day"

"A Loch Ness smoked kipper is no substitute for porridge - plus it repeats all bloody day"

"I feel really sick about the Aberdeen University Freshers Party last nite After the gig I took the Loch Ness monster back to the hotel."

"The only good thing about spending last nite at the hotel with Nasty Ness was that she had a long neck"

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