Sunday, 27 December 2009


A pervert caught secretly sniffing a supermarket shelf-stacker's bum was last night being hunted by police.
The offender was spotted on CCTV trying to catch a whiff of the unsuspecting worker’s backside.
Footage shows the man casually pretending to shop before suddenly crouching down behind the shelf stacker.
The sick bum-sniffer puts his face inches from the worker’s - as several shoppers wander past oblivious to what is happening.
In one incident the man is seen sneakily swooping on the worker’s bum a number of times as he stacks a dairy shelf.
The offender has been caught satisfying his weird fetish on at least two occasions on the same worker at the Co-op store in Plymouth, Devon.
Police say they are treating it as sexual assault and have released CCTV footage of what they have described as a “bizarre incident”.
The offences only came to light when the employee became suspicious and informed his manager who checked the in-store video.

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Potential new Purple Aki status?