Monday, 15 February 2010


"Here the nypd/Gestapo are using another female to threaten and attack Petitioner Gamez around February 2, 2010."

"This is the fifth video clipping of the Sept 27/09 attack in Nyc at W 62 street and Amsterdam avenue next to the Projects Housing which is a feed hole for violence, sickness, hatefullness and drugs. Using children is a common 'tool of terrorism', that the u.s. local goverments use in their warfare against blameless non-combatants, especially when trying to set up an innocent male with a pedophile entrapment, for the Brown Shirts (bring the children to the target)!"

"This was in nyc at W 72nd street in 2008. The police attack the innocents and the most vulnerable, and an open society is to their advatage. "

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Joshua said...

First, watch this video from said nutcase:

Then watch this video from around 1:55

When worlds collide...