Thursday, 25 February 2010


The UK's version of the Power mix dance party.
Also here is another PMD vid...

The Adverts in this one crush.

Also the FIRST 'power mix' video I posted seems to have gone viral. As in featured on US TV? Fucking weird.
It only had 100 or so views when I posted it, but now it seems to have 15,000 or so.
Fucking Twitter swag-jackers.
At least now those gay green buttons could bring us out of our internet poverty and into a wonderful new dawn of web glory.


Herr mEier said...

this is just so great!!
like the shopping mall fing bettre.
club tv+power mix dance butt UK
rocks anyway...
cheers from Hamburg.
love ur shits!

chris said...

Helen, Juile, and Sarah are hopeless considering they've won loads of awards.