Monday, 17 May 2010


After the famous Kwanzaa Cake, I didn't really take an interest in Sandra until recently. Here is a collection of some of her more appetising recipes:

Besides the whole "Baked Potato Ice Cream" thing:

- Videotime will always accuse me of adding unnecessary things and pushing boundaries of taste when I make food, but Sandra Lee uses deep fried chicken and frozen peas in her unique take on Chicken Tikka Masala.
- Why does she move so quickly? It makes me genuinely sick to see her throw half a kilo of cool whip on supermarket cake or half an ounce of chicken soup into her weird curry thing like she's tossing dog shit from a poop-scoop.
- She obviously hates food and is bulimic or is drunk. There is no other explanation. This looks like drunk people's food.


lunch said...


you get it!!!!

you understand!

she's the trailer park garry rhodes of us food network!

i hate her

videotime said...

That Tikka Massala is hideous.

Why would you do what she does.

Erik said...

"come down here purple. I need you.."
my vote is for drunk

CUPCAKE 2000 said...

This woman is awful. Her 'food' is an indicator of the ignorance and wider societal problems which manifest themselves in Americans as gross obesity. And her mangled syntax makes me want to die. Now i just wanna go ahead and i'm gonna press the publish button and then i want to just post this comment.