Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I translated the video info.
"Despite Televisora collaborates in the most important in Latin America (Televisa), had never witnessed the phenomenon that occurred during a program of famous Brozo (Victor Trujillo), in its program's Mañanero
That particular morning, Brozo had a couple of elves on his desk and for no apparent reason, one of the Elves is incorporated while the other remains static.
Some argue that Brozo accidentally moves his desk, causing the movement of the doll, but this is not possible, as if it had been rubbing on the desktop, the doll would move downward and not upward as shown in the video
One of the cameramen Viva la Mañana told me that before going to work to program my friend Alfredo Adame, was as a cameraman in the Mañanero and just realized at the time of the phenomenon, but would not comment on anything with Production by fear of being labeled a madman.

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