Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Can't remember if I have ever posted this, but I found this record in a charity shop too many years ago and discovered that it was part of the soundtrack to the 1985 kids film The Goonies.
Here is a little Wiki extract: "Another single, "Eight Arms to Hold You" by Goon Squad, was pressed on vinyl with dance remixes and reached number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in 1985. The scene featuring the song (involving an octopus) was cut from the film."

What's even cooler is that the Single was produced by Arthur Baker.
As a huge Dub over Vocal/Radio mix fan, this tracks Dub is too good to ignore, I would definitely attest to it being superior to the vocal.

Bonus Beats 0:00-2:59
Dub 3:00-9:53
Skip to the Dub

A second track was released by The Goon Squad in 1986 titled Powerdrill (again produced by Arthur Baker) it reached number 31 in the charts.
Here is the Dub as the Vocal Mix adds nothing to this post.

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