Wednesday, 5 January 2011


If your bored watch this fucking bullshit.

"the early 90s... pretty much when hip hop started out"

Tasheey aka the shnozz or whatever her name is, what a massive prick.

Digital Dan is the most off the wall bastard.

Some girl talking about butt implants, whilst some tourist family eat lunch in what looks like the plaza...

"how do you go toilet dr khan".

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The Thick Repeater said...

This is so brilliantly simplistic and misguided with the presenter being a tosser on top of it.

It's astonishing this stuff gets commissioned. It has that really slow, oversimplified daytime/schools tv tone to it.

Tasshhhy is wild though.. and very literal..
08:18 - to Megaman " Did you see? I was all like pretending to be your girlfriend in the video"

Exo-Man outwits the presenter. Very funny.