Sunday, 12 June 2011

"why, this is the same damn person wetting his wallabees, what is the point of it, why the hell are you wetting the wallabees WHEN YOU ARE WEARING THE SHOE AND PUTTING IT ON YOUTUBE, OMG you must not have any friends or something THIS IS EXTREMELY POINTLESS. Nothing personal but you must be retarded or something for doing this the whole entire 12 minutes. OMG YOUR IN THE TUBE WITH CLOTHES ON, WOOOOOOOOOOOOW. RETARD."

Abolishment18 1 month ago

"@Abolishment18 You watched it who's the retarded one now! You need to seriously jump in a tub with your clothes on it'll chill you out bro, and maybe you'll find out it's no so pointless....I dare you!"

wetwallabees 1 month ago

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