Wednesday, 11 January 2012


More photo memories of the sinister Prime Minister Pete Nice HERE.

From the PE/3rd Bass European Tour: Flav knocked on our hotel room
doors at like 7 a.m. in Glasgow, Scotland, and wanted me and Serch to
go feed some pigeons with him. Not kidding.
We ended up feeding pigeons, took 20 kids to Mickey D's for breakfast
(on Flav), and, finally, went to a magic store where Flav bought platform
shoes, fake shit, and a stockpile of fake blood capsules. He's got that
stuff in the bag. By the time we got to Germany the next day Flav put the
fake blood to use: he dropped to the floor in an airport, fake convulsions
and spat up mad blood. He stood up and pointed and laughed at me and
Serch saying "Yeah Boooooyee...its the fake blood from the magic
store, G!"

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