Wednesday, 22 February 2012


This man has lived in Hackney for 2 years!!! Sick!!! Whenever I live in a place I don't come from for a short amount of time I can't resist the urge to give preachy tours about it to woollen clad punters off with names like 'Lexie', it's just so rewarding.

These people are so easy to dislike it's almost unfair.


videotime said...

"I was all set to move to east Berlin, and then I discovered Hackney"


He looks like Jez (?) from its 'grim up north London'.

videotime said...

I wonder if Simon remembers skate city, the rollerink off the lee canal with the 2000ad advertising.

Probably not.

The Thick Repeater said...

I bet he lives on Chatsworth road and wanders around the shops thinking 'man this has all changed so much since my day...'

CUPCAKE 2000 said...

Dudes, he DISCOVERED Hackney! Two years ago it DID. NOT. EXIST!!

This guy is obviously a fearless adventurer, navigating his way through our urban environment with little more than an iPhone and Wikipedia to aid his quest, unearthing world changing artefacts like the Prince of Wales pub, and the 'funky' market where he got that scarf...

I unequivocally despise The Guardian.

Peace the Cat said...

Oh give the guy a break!!!
Hackney is known to be so diverse because there are people like Simon living there.

The Thick Repeater said...


CUPCAKE 2000 said...

Well put Peace Cat.

If there weren't twats like Simon, we would have nobody against which to measure our self-righteous (and perhaps justified) feelings of superiority. Light is light only when opposed to darkness innit. Yeah. Deep like chess. Nahmsayin?

Plus, we quite obviously don't go to the same raves as he does.