Wednesday, 7 March 2012


"Westwood shouting "If you're proud and you're black screaaaam" could quite possibly be my highlight of 2012."
Itsmedirteetee 34 minutes ago

Here's a tiny version of the song:


CUPCAKE 2000 said...

I would pay good money to hear one minute of Tweezy's inner monologue. At points he looks like a bored housewife being humped by her sweaty hairy-backed assistant department manager husband while thinking of all the chores left to do around the home and making up a shopping list for tomorrow.

The Thick Repeater said...

I'm sure his inner monologues are Proustian contemplations of time and memory's relationship with urban culture.

On another note, Giles says a few years back Tim-Whizz did a big party in Plymouth and got two girls from Giles' class to suck him off in a rented limo.

Tim is a lot cleverer than he's given credit for.

Imagine the cold-war like strategic nouse needed to secure dominance of the UK urban market against the likes of Semtex, Trevor Nelson and Reggie Yates.