Thursday, 5 April 2012


This interview is slightly mesmerizing in an awful way, she is obviously a fucked up person but I cannot stop thinking about her demeanor, her complete calm and frighteningly matter of fact way of communicating brings to mind Manson and Bundy.

"A Phoenix woman who said in jailhouse interviews that she enjoyed torturing and killing a man in a wheelchair because he was a snitch has been sentenced to life in prison. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Paul McMurdie handed down the sentence to Angela Simpson on Tuesday. Shortly after sentencing, Simpson sat down with 3TV's Mike Watkiss to talk about it. During previous television interviews, Simpson said in a calm voice that she lured 46-year-old Terry Neely to her apartment with a promise of sex and drugs. Once there, Simpson says she beat Neely with a tire iron, pulled out his teeth and strangled him with a television cable during three days of torture. Simpson says she also dismembered Neely's body and set it on fire. Neely's remains were found burning in a trash container outside a church on Aug. 5, 2009. Autopsy results show a 3-inch nail had been driven into Neely's head"


lunch said...

omg. that guys shoes are too much.

CUPCAKE 2000 said...

Pink handcuffs, nice touch.

CharlieGD said...

I feel upset