Monday, 22 October 2012


Ceefax is officially no more as of this weekend.

It will be missed - a true historical anomaly, technology that already looked dated when it was created yet a service that managed to survive until 2012.

I can already see the uninterested faces of young people in the future, as I sit slumped in the corner of an estate pub telling them about the paginated night time television newspaper with a smooth jazz soundtrack that used to keep young people out of trouble and off the streets.

This is not to forget good old regular ceefax, which allowed you to listen to the telly while you checked the tv schedule or football results. I have never met anyone who ever used the setting where it overlayed the text on top of the tv image, where it became impossible to either read ceefax or watch the tv. I would like to know what that was actually for. Either way, it was the kind of feature that made ceefax the comforting technological cul de sac it came to be.

Farewell Ceefax.

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