Thursday, 31 January 2013


Pointless thoughts:

- The Anfield Rap was co-written by Derek B. RIP.
- I have always possessed a totally normal and healthy dislike of Liverpool FC, but have to admit that I really like John Aldridge and Steve McMahon's general rap 'moving around' in this.
- Bruce Grob. is doing the 'rapping all day and I'm rapping all night' rap from Look Around You.
- The Anfield Rap is infinitely more palatable than LFC's later FA Cup song 'Pass & Move', where John Barnes, now a seasoned rap singer from World in Motion, acts as MC to Robbie Fowler and Neil Ruddock's obvious attempts to bring a darker, more underground rap sound to the FA Cup. The rap world was a different place in '96, and I think 'Pass & Move' by the Boot Room Boyz reflects that.

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