Friday, 30 August 2013


Every year, Videotime and me argue about where to take the VideoThunder staff on holiday. Videotime is a big Butlins fan, I'm more of a Center Parcs kind of guy, and this results in months of tension in the office. Last week Videotime threw a stapler at my head when we were doing the annual accounts, just because I mentioned the 'C-word' ( the c-word is Center-Parcs).

I'm convinced that the bloke in this is Simon Greenall, AKA Michael the Geordie from 'I'm Alan Partridge'. 

Once the staff are all packed up and ready to go, we assemble outside our offices. Videotime stands at the door of the minibus with a register of everyone present, and if you're late he drives off without you. Jitesh and Gareth, our unpaid interns who have been with us since 2003, usually take care of all the luggage.

Upon arrival, Videotime gives everyone £5 and tells them it's to last them the whole weekend and that they can do anything they like with it. Then he heads straight to the bar. Videotime is convinced that you can't fault Butlins for the quality of its entertainment.

I've managed to bag Center Parcs for next year. It's more in the 'now' and the direction Videothunder should be heading. Videotime will just have to get used to it. Plus, I think it will be better for Jitesh and Gareth, who keep getting nosebleeds in Butlin's 'Funland' funfair.

I managed to hit two birds with one stone, because after booking the trip, and some protracted negotiations, I made sure Videothunder secured the rights to Center-Parc's late 80's internal tv channel Videonet in Dutch.

And as an added bonus, here's a man who looks like Barry Cryer telling you all about why a holiday in the 'Parcs is just like going to France, but without actually having to go to France.

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CUPCAKE 2000 said...

I can't wait for the Center Parcs trip! Even though I completely abhor their awful utilisation of English in titling the venture, my formative years were subject to a strong yearning for a visit to that woodland paradise and the Bio-Dome wonderland, thanks mainly to their persistent advertisements no doubt. Please tell Jitesh not to bring his 'tunes' again. If I hear some popular robo-strumpling gargling through my bedroom wall at 12.30am one more time I might have to resign.