Thursday, 5 September 2013


This has irritated me recently:

Who is this relaxed group of twentysomething chums on a jejune daytrip to the arsehole of the Barbican?

What a soulless mish mash of nothing. It's so lazy and tedious, and I'm so bored of seeing London like this. The Museum of London is such a waste of space in the Barbican, it should be moved and be forced to start again.

Here's a much more interesting video, it's a recording of a police car chase in North London in 1983.

The route of the chase is quite exciting (spoiler alert).

Starting in Camden Town, the suspect (an IC1 male) snakes around about three square miles of North London going through Holloway, past Videotime's house at The Archway (that's right - it's The Archway, like The Angel, or The Arsenal, cockneys love the definitive article), through Dartmouth Park, and finally Kentish Town, only to abandon the vehicle on Islip street and make a run for it.

Thrilling stuff. I didn't know whose side I was on. Probably the IC1 male. I then wondered if the IC1 male was also an icey wan male.

Finally, here's a video about the pirate radio station Phoenix Radio, which lasted from the late 1970s to the early 80s. It's not your usual 'here's the origins of Kiss FM with Westwood/Trevor Nelson circa 1986' type fare, instead Phoenix were playing mainstream alternative(ish) records with very well spoken presenters. Rather admirably, they were being an illegal Radio 2.

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