Thursday, 24 September 2009


Nobody wants Westwood to be totally gunned to shit, he did more than anyone, and I know TTR knows that. But he still is an immensely homosexual pratt.
Anyway we know he still breaks artists to this day.....And I genuinely cannot think of anybody who has the reach and power, that that white provincial vicars son has.
Strange world

Yo Westwood the people ain't feeling you.

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The Thick Repeater said...

The Wizz deserves much respect. KRS is only picking on TIm-Dog because it irritates him that a 6"7 Vicar's son from Norwich makes the Blast Master Kris irrelevant in comparison. KRS is also a mad psychopath, who rings up Nas all the time trying to persuade him to collaborate on his mad moon-raps.

"The vibe line has been hijacked"

Beenie gets really quiet when he's being robbed, definitely a bit shook.

Savage Skulls??? Nobody messes with the Baldies.