Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I wrote a post about Segaworld last year HERE. It hardly lived up to its hype did it? "Rocket escalator" "45 million pounds" "the largest indoor theme park in the known world", Pity the last time I was there most of it was taken up with tables, selling fake handbags. Plus the whole place stank of corn and donuts.


JIRO said...

The best and first Sega World outside of Japan was in Bournemouth, it was fucking great, I used to go there everyday in the summer holiday and steal other people's Virtua Racing games, just a 5 minute walk from the beach. Those were the days.

Jackson said...

Yeah, was the imaginator ride in the basement part of sega world because that was fucking fresh.
Everything else in that place was god awful. All it was was a oversized video arcade with escalators which led to the bit that you didn't want to be in, and then when you tried to go back to where it was more exciting or to find a different route to the exciting bit that you wanted to get to originally there would be a massive black man saying NO.
Maybe it is just because I was only 11.